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TeamCard is the UK's number one Sports Loyalty and Membership system. *Fans use TeamCard, not only as their means of stadium access, but as part of a full membership and loyalty programme that allows them to earn points that can be redeemed against a range of products and services, including season tickets and club merchandise.

Using the TeamCard website, fans can track their points related activity, check their available points balance and view a record of their event attendance. This space can be entirely Club branded. Banner ads and background images can reflect current club themes, with this centre section available to advertise special club offers, internal points promotions or competitions. Clubs can choose to make these offers exclusive to TeamCard holders as this page is only available to register members, though any internal promotions related to TeamCard may be featured.

* Some clubs may not currently offer the loyalty option.

If you have a TeamCard and have not yet registered, return to the homepage to do so now. To learn how you can use your TeamCard, login to your TeamCard page and click on FAQs for more information.